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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 13, 2019 7:30am-8:00am EST

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group who specifically monitors civilian casualties in war zones like iraq syria and libya well they've found the actual numbers to be roughly between seven to eleven thousand that. that is quite the difference and it's the pentagon's new initiative speaking under their favorite of media monitors an anonymous former white house official told the washington post that quote this is a massive undertaking and it's about freaking time this should have happened in two thousand and two thank you mr anonymous well i guess you know hey it's better late than never so let's just see how serious the pentagon is about claiming civilian casualties while bombing the hell out of poor people in foreign lands as we start watching the us. get the. real deal with. as you put it out of.
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the day like you that i got. with. the. welcome one and all to watching the hawks i am tired rove and turf and sounds out of the way and i have never in my life thought that war would say have served for a civilian yeah i'm just it was shocking to see this story because i i legitimately had in my mind assumed clearly stupidly that the united states military how do you policy a military what policy on civilian deaths whatever that policy i didn't think the policy was grave or by being followed but the idea that they just sort of man yeah they've never really looked in do with in contemporary history the way that they
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are now with this with this kind of report it was classified for a long time and i think they did it back last spring right like it almost a year is it takes about that long period you know and now finally it's coming forward yeah and just to suggest security's d.m.u. are monte and i had went over the report and found. a few pas few positive and negative takeaways the report calls for the positives being that the report calls for proactively seeking additional sources of information when assessing and incorporating civilian casualties and battle damage reports which simply means will be better pointing out which bodies are civilians or which bodies are enemy combatants or whatever but the good thing is on the numbers and you can't you can't you know lie about that so the report calls for the creation of a standard flexible protocols for the call responding to known cases of civilian casualties and acknowledging that the range of opinions available includes and
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extends beyond. a lot of other folks are talking about a condolence payments apologies explanations in kind offer raise clearing of the family name of victims and i think that once a really good positive that we take away from say the iraq war and afghanistan you know i think getting in there and really going through stuff and clearing people off of no fly lists and getting them off of international worldwide terrorist databases just because. you know just because we're bombing that's what i'm going to want to hear that we can't remember and the name gets caught out so those are the positives oh you know but there's also tragically a long long list of negatives many of the findings are entirely redacted detail needed for public you don't know you ation of these especially some of the significant claims such as the presence of blood you know clear commanders and related disability because you didn't kill this many people you know on actually do
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you know what he said when he was going to do was going to do it and chose to do it and it's not like not saying you know they're out they're gone care all the civilian there's too few recommendations for ways to prove improve communications between the military and outside sources or even of a claim like oh we need to use more outside sources they don't actually recommend how they're going to do that they're going to remember lead. well we are more interested if you want our week of the above but we don't know who we're going to get that information from and what's interesting here is the report contains almost no analysis of the devastation and does not mean it has in syria another place but no analysis of the data said it does not include any leading practices or lessons learned from any theater of war in the last seventeen years so they don't really it's kind of like hey we do this bad thing here or things we can kind of do to fix that. yeah i don't think it's super great people are optimistic but one last thing our sarah morgan washington director at the human rights watch called the report a mixed bag she also said telling washington said quote it's significant they're pursuing a larger policy for the pentagon but the gaps in there in the sanitized findings
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make it questionable and they can really produce something meaningful meaningful so . we'll see. we'll see what happens. safety expert eleanor everett once said safety is not a gadget but a state of mind but in in some chicago public schools a gadget seems to be their state of mind when it comes to safety the gadget question is a social media monitoring software that scans and evaluates the social media posts of students when a perceived threat is made students are called in to discuss the post and parents are contacted to determine if a student has access to weapons at home the software is part of a program called connect and redirect to respect designed by the university of chicago crime lab and funded since two thousand and fourteen by the comprehensive school safety initiative well developing the program one dean of students told researchers quote our most common conflict in the building starts off with social media then from there because students will bring it into the building then it
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turns into a verbal conflict here then it turns into a physical conflict the majority of this stuff that we've been dealing with as a result of social media and how students respond to it now an investigation or event to get a report from aaron liebowitz for pro publica illinois answer carpet w.b. easy chicago reveals that neither parents nor students were informed of the initiative the program seems to have focused on perceived gang activity and there is concern that because of police involvement in the program children's names may end up on the chicago police department's increasingly questionable gang database of the twenty four schools monitored sixteen a majority black student body and five majority hispanic student body predominately white schools in the area were left out of desmond patton of the columbia university school of social work though it's often times when we talk about threats and violence and trauma we're really speaking about black and brown communities so we are not examining in on the young people at jones college prep for walter payton
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or northside so hawk watchers are these kinds of. programs making schools safer or are they further dividing the future of america into the haves and the have not. that is a great question and it's also one of those things were i don't know how many that checked off like more sharks of low gas use i mean not only do you have like ok we're going to surveil people social media on and off campus you know out of the rank and all the schools you know but then you have the racial element you brought up of whom there actually is social media would get it's not large universal or it is going to pick up these few schools that predominantly have more you know brown skinned folks than white skinned folks and things that are there right and then the checks off the school to prison pipeline to graduate in chicago. there are several you that have that part with the kids who are all under it but just get the mauling and the how to deal with bullies or any other checklist that i'm thinking of right
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now there's lots of money ways to oh. so the chicago school district funded the program was about two point two million dollars in grants that came from the u.s. department of justice. and that was part of their comprehensive school safety edition of this is what happened so after sandy. you had a lot of people pushing to get something in the school so of course they were talking about research and that's where these things came in it wasn't supposed to be used for anything like equipment unless it had to do with research and so i'm not sure if this fits into that category but that initiative was axed so one of the things that's interesting is that it included two analysts and the software so you had to analysts who were either going through and physically going by hand through through certain students recommended and then recommending interventions go through their social media or they use keyword searches to identify certain things and to me that's where it came out when you looked at it
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keyword searches were things like you know crips and. at sort of rising exactly but it was definitely gang related are you in a gang and that was a lot of the questions that were asked are you in a gang tell me who you know who's in a gang it's interesting because you also look at like the police involvement in this kind of thing out of four hundred incident reports police were brought in at least eighty seven times seven hundred c.p.s. students were called into interventions by the schools over there social media seven hundred you know look i understand that like you know parents are concerned you know and you don't want kids you want to try to catch a bad kid doing something bad of the school but already does it or she does it or you want to you know but this to me just sounds like it doesn't sound like that's really what's being practiced now sounds like no as does the kids interacting with the police or writing an intelligence operation thank you thank you that's what you're doing and here's the thing that bothers me the most i'm not a parent probably because if i was i would like lost my mind if my kid if this
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happened so rebecca gladden senior staff attorney for the a.c.l.u. in illinois talked a little bit about. parents' rights in this and what she said if you're going to monitor there needs to be a notice to the students and the parents about what sites are being monitored how they're being monitored and what they're doing with all of that information and that's again we have said this sense now and we're setting for all of this you know these are kids if we can't protect their information for their future. then what are we even what do we do what exactly you are right on point plus isn't this kind of a form of conditioning yes hey kids guess what we're conditioning you know that the authorities whether they are institutions whether they're new schools or whatever they're always going to be looking at everything that you do on line you have no rights on line you have no right to free speech i want to go to school every day i'm going to be everyone is going to be the topics to cover the facebook and
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twitter and you tube zero full shows of our dot com coming up we've got some shocking. not so shocking news out of the senate intelligence committee investigation into all things russia gay and daniel mcadams of the ron paul institute will be joining us to discuss you do not want to miss the stress to stay true to what real. country has gone into a non listing the best chance to thank and. get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlatans the genius this is the quintessential american hero this is it we've come a point around which allen is done something we always are on the margins something
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. called the culture is moving forward. where starting last with is will begin to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast and i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more gondo than this maybe completely different but in this. few. happened and in another one of the. swaying the both the food. bank itself moved to see it on the plaza in this way got to the nothing in the disappeared the slow movement the one plant that i want and i don't miss so much and i think. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way through.
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the floor loop and the food without it is worthless. woody allen very graphic on the level of oxycodone. but i think it is this is the found that there is a constant thanks. thank. you ok ok. thanks. guys going to. be. ok go through it. oh. thank. you. thank you.
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thanks. thanks thanks thanks thank you fareed amongst all of the mainstream of bipartisan border walls grammy award beefs and c.n.n. billionaire town halls was the incredible admission that after two years two hundred interviews and three hundred thousand documents the senate intelligence committee has come to the conclusion that when it comes to russia trump and the twentieth sixteen presidential action there was indeed. wait for no collusion no the senate intelligence committee investigation led by republican chair richard burton ranking democrat mark warner into the great rush of a conspiracy as according to both republicans and democrats on the committee have produced no evidence of collusion or told c.b.s. news last week that quote if we were right a report based upon the facts that we have now we don't have anything that would
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suggest if there was collusion by the tram campaign in russia joining us today to discuss this latest and possibly biggest development to date in all things russia gate is the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity daniel make out and thank you so much for joining us. thanks to your daughter saves lives debbie back on it's been a while so i got i got to ask you so after two years of all. all the noise the accusations the counter accusations the rachel maddow melt down are you at all surprised that the senate intelligence committee has come forward so there's no evidence of collusion. well this is going to be one of the greatest conspiracy theories in history can you imagine with future generations will say when they look back on these two years of everyone investigating everyone it's absolutely insane you know what's interesting about the senate intelligence committee's report is that it was bipartisan you know the house committee shift did not participate in it
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but in the senate side it was a bipartisan effort they all looked at the documents they all came to their conclusions all we saw chairman bird say that there is no collusion i still don't know whether senator warner is not going to have to be dragged out in a straight jacket kicking and screaming because i think you told c.n.n. a little while ago that well you know there might be still a few people for us to interview so who knows but i think really the sun has set on this conspiracy theory now n.b.c. news reports that there was one anonymous democrat on the senate committee that sort of downplayed the finding this saying quote we were never going to find a contract signed in blood saying hey vlad we're going to collude i don't know why that would be implying that anyway but to have one of the many things about this that doesn't make sense but daniel isn't that essentially what all of the proponents of russia have been hyping and promising their followers since it began they built this entire excuse me if i'm irritated by it but as someone to deal with
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the blowback of that isn't you know they've built an entire political industry around russia so what kind of backlash politically could we see if at the end of the day there's really no actual russia. and after every asinine revelation you hear to talk to talk you know the show. who's going to drop it's going to happen tomorrow and of course nothing did happen tomorrow so what will be what will come out of that you know what what is left behind after this investigation and it's a good question so we can't to sweep everything clean course millions of dollars were spent that doesn't mean anything washington creates that out of thin air but what do you have you've created a whole system of surveillance a whole system of censorship of demonization of platforming of alternative and independent media voices that's gone now you've created a situation where the atlantic council funded by nato funded by the us government
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funded by weapons manufacturers are now going on in telling what's fake news and what is real news on social networks have created this kind of orwellian state and that can't be uncreated just like after you create the patriot act you can't put that genie of surveillance of american citizens back into the bottle that's what you have what would what should we see what we should see an apology to places like r.t. and have them taken off the federalists you know sorry we we went a little crazy here but we're not going to be happy to see that happen because they never really do say their story when they've done things like this no they don't you're exactly right and the thing that really kind of spooks me about all this is that you do have this like you know you go on twitter you go on the social media things of all that you know hashtag resistance of all that there's this army of people out there that were like salivating they had to explain his loss and if you have the senate and then let's say mueller doesn't really have anything down the line the kind of smoking gun that they were teased with you got a lot of disappointed people and disappointed people can be very dangerous
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politically early on in this fiasco many on both the right and left kind of pointed to the senate some vested geisha as being the more serious and partisan investigation compared to you know the three ring circus of adam schiff and david williams in the house do you think this conclusion by the senate you know can we hope that it is that next step to kind of this new horrible. urgent of mccarthyism that we're seeing. i wonder what will happen you know the senate i think as you rightly point out was considered a more objective investigation that's really honestly because most of the republican senators hate their own president their own party which is kind of an interesting situation so in that sense you could consider it to be to be more objective but the question is now what will they say and i went back and looked at mark warner's tweets over the last year over this past year just twenty nineteen and you know i did it so you didn't have to but it's interesting because he was a rabid tweeter about russia gate he was the number one guy in fact he was fed
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information this came out just at the end of twenty eighteen judicial watch came out with information that victoria nuland the assistant secretary of state for european affairs was feeding info at the end of the. obama administration to mark warner classified information remember victoria nuland is has a little bit of experience in coups so she was involved in that in of course in the ukrainian coup as well feeding this information to warner but in twenty nineteen i didn't see a single russian collusion tweet from warners so i think he kind of saw the writing on the wall and has been depressed for a while and he's kind of shut his mouth i think getting ready for the conclusions you know we have been so distracted by this for the last studio since twenty six to aim and i'm sure it's not tragically i'm sure it's not going to go away despite all these findings but we did want to ask you you know as someone who you know definitely looks outside the two party system you know and looks for one of the
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things that we've missed during all of this hollow below one of the major things that have happened to us citizens that we should have been talking about that we haven't been because everyone's been focused every network everyone's been so focused on russia. but what's annoying is that the opposition party to president trump has been completely brain dead these two years they've looked for a magic. still to get this mean out of all of this rather than sitting down and looking at the things that he's done looking at this policies looking at people like elliott abrams coming back in engineering a coup in venezuela like the good old days of the eighty's in the death squads there forget all this stuff they love all the totally for it so they have been so lazy the last two years that there hasn't been any opposition to some of the truly terrible things that president trump is doing we've missed two years where's the peace coalition oh this is a great great point still but i got to say great point so i mean i think. i'm happy
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i'm sad i'm happy by these revelations because on one hand i'm like it's i knew this was coming i knew that there wasn't going to be what they wanted it to be but on the other hand you're right we're going to all these things we've missed look at where we're at with the censoring of online and all this kind of thing yeah and i think you know it's from the beginning i mean i think it's told you anything is keep your blood soaked contract with glad somewhere safe from parent lee it's sort of amazing because we are you know being genex or is and a little bit older and i think our generations have seen this a lot easier than others because we watched it happen with the clintons we watched you know a lot of wasted time over politics and then i think we also watched you know the end of the cold war and kind of we see it we know we've read the books we've seen the website so i want to thank you so much daniel make out ends the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity thanks for joining us. thanks growth. of technology and embrace of subjugation of crossed
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paths once again hawk watchers this time in the country of saudi arabia three government sponsored website and application that allows saudis to try and control the waters of saudi women yap is rightfully guarding intense criticism but it's not just the kingdom that's taking the google and apple are in the crosshairs as well ortiz actually has a story. according to insider rights group search using our pool and google of the helping to enforce a gender apartheid in saudi arabia by offering an app called the app sure that allows men to track women and stop them from leaving the country both i tunes and google plus host and share which is a government web service that offers an alarming function that allows men to specify when and the how women can cross saudi borders and also alerts men in real time to one of a woman is using her passport at the borders so that if he wants intercept he can
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this essentially makes it difficult for women to leave the country if they wanted to to date the app has been downloaded on android devices more than one million times although under saudi why it is essential for women to have a legal guardian who can restrict their travel groups like human rights watch and amnesty international have expressed concerns about google and apple's role in providing this app human rights watch told insider quote apple and google have rules against apps that facilitate threats and harassment apps like this one can facilitate human rights abuses including discrimination against women amnesty international told insider that the as some as the words are quote another example of how the saudi arabian government has produced tools to limit women's freedoms yasmeen mohamed an ex a muslim activist says apple and google are facilitating the most archaic massage what irony and. west these technologies are used to improve lives and then saudi
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arabia they're used to inforce gender or permit women in saudi arabia they are demanding both at tech giants to stop this from happening at this time neither apple nor google have comment reporting in the newsroom ashley banks are to. after twenty five feet underwater volcanic eruption in the south pacific created temporary island scientists didn't but scientists in expect to last very long but it did last and even grew into a real grown up island scientists expect now to survive at less pay is just about one and have kilometers wide and two kilometers long but what makes it special is that four years after its birth the island is teeming with new life nasa researcher densely back and students from the semester at sea program visited the island and found clay mud vegetation blooming flowers owl and so many birds and their chicks these little baby chicks that it was hard to walk at times without
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stepping on them its students also removed multiple bags full of plastic and trash from the on inhabited island. and this is why we can't have nice. at thankfully there's people like that pick up a car but thankfully well that is our show for today remember everyone in this world we are not told that we are loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am tyrrel but on top of the list keep on watching soaps have a great competitor but. after a rather bumpy rollout the new green deal is upon us co-sponsored by democratic firebrand alexandria ocasio what does the plan foresees a radical restructuring of the american economy and how people will live but the
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plan does not address is how much it cost how much will we have to go into the red become green. the swarms of them so much. good news who was before. much of those who herds of food you'll never see him we will. we will. move. move. move show you this new you believe you so it's good to. move most of this is also good you've gone for good good. good go to shows to look but to assume you belong to show your story or to actually go. to starbucks to.
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get to meet until it was done that is the most thanks you look it is it's. just testing understand just moved to nashville sure. destructed president and please introduce her to continue. the by. the way of the dishes to goodness were to slip of the little new yorker those the girls are with you for your supporters to your shoes lucian shouldn't do you should go door for more was doing business. when i was a child's seemed wrong wrong when all the world just all. the world didn't get to shape our disdain and become educated and indeed to read it was
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a betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when just to look for common ground. yes. she'll be. still observed a mile from us. we need to do that with the. moon mean they. all the jamie has a hunk of the only. now at the five the. only import that matter i see life in primitive what we have it would be an email to her confirming course i gave up because of me it is
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a season when allude to. italy's prime minister responded a puppet set to heated debates in the e.u. parliament where he did the blocks of being out of touch with this people. europe faced with an economic crisis without precedent.


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